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Our campaign for HBO and HBO GO’s highly successful original production, “Aranyélet”.

It’s always a pleasure to work on something, which is close to our hearts and we are highly passionate about. Luckily, it was the case in case of this campaign, where we had to promote a great drama series, “Aranyélet”, which is the highest quality original production in the Hungarian market so far.

In this project, NuHeadz Talent Management’s task was to create a campaign with their social influencers to create awareness and build buzz around HBO’s second season of the highly successful original production, „Aranyélet”.

During the project, the emphasis should be on HBO’s on-demand service, HBO GO, where the first season is available and can be watched on any mobile device.

In order to create premium quality pictures for our influencer’s Instagram pages, we work closely with our accounts to make sure they understand the pitch clearly, and before we send the pictures for approval for the advertiser, we quality-check all of them.

We worked with 7 accounts on this campaign, whose cumulative follower number was 166,900, and the engagement rate was exceptionally high, over 10% as seen below:



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