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As part of this project, NuHeadz’s task was to create awareness about the leading Hungarian bank’s credit card options for the 16-18 age group.

OTP’s agency, Mito decided they wanted to work with Polla and her two YouTube-channels: Polla Channel and Anett és Ancsa. Polla’s social channels are among the top destinations for the teenager audiences currently in Hungary. She has the most followers among all Hungarian YouTubers on Instagram.

The project included two YouTube-video and three Instagram pictures.

The YouTube-videos

We were asked to produce two YouTube-videos, one for Polla’s own channel, and one for her other channel which she is doing with her girlfriend, Anett.

In the first video, whicv was produced for her own channel, she is discussing the teenager-parent relationship with her mother. As part of this video, they talk about how Polla got her first bank card and what reasons led to having her first bank account. In the video, Polla and her mother discuss what are those things that Polla is already is able to handle on her own, and what are those things that she still needs assistance with from her parents. The video has reached over 150,000+ viewers during the campaign period.

In the second video, Polla and Anett visited Volt Fesztivál, which was their first ever music festival-visit. This was a very memorable experience for them. In this video, OTP Junior is appearing a product placement and on billboards in the beginning and at the end of the video as the brand who made their festival-experience possible. The video achieved a 60%+ viewing retention rate! The video has reached over 200,000+ viewers during the campaign period and currently is close to 300,000 viewers.

The Instagram pictures

As part of this campaign, three Instagram pictures were also posted: two on Polla’s account, one on Anett’s account.  Two pictures were shot at Volt Festival showing that the girls are using OTP Junior credit cards. The two pictures from the Festivel generated over 55,000+ likes.

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