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As part of this project, Nuheadz’s task was to promote the upcoming movie, Baywatch. We were commisioned to create a viral video and an Instagram influencer campaign. All posts and the viral video were published on the week of the premiere hightening the buzz around the movie and reminding everyone that Baywatch is opening that week.

Since the movie is based on the iconic television series, we could use the well-known elements of the original. Therefore we asked the influencers to wear the iconic red shorts and take the pictures with the red life-saving floats to create the perfect Baywatch-feeling.

 As per the viral video, we knew the video needed to be catchy and surprising at the same time to be able to generate noise on social media. The video had to bring the unique Baywatch effect visually and the lead character needed to show the physical characteristics of a lifeguard as well.


As per the video, we uplaoded it to YouTube and Facebook. We were aware that this kind of content rather fits Facebook, therefore asked a few influencers to share the post with the video. The video generated over 100,000 organic views within the first 24 hours on YouTube and Facebook together and the key tabloids were publishing articles about it.

You can see the final version of the video below.

With regards to the Instagram picture, the sponsored posts are all delivered above the influencer’s avarage delivery. You can see a few examples below:


Both the viral and the Instagram posts were organically posted by the key tabloids as seen below. The movie opened at Nr#1 on its opening weekend, and was the Nr#1 movie for two weeks. On the first weekend, it generated over HUF 100,000,000 box office results.

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