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Content creation is a real teamwork.

Dr Kulja András influencer TikTok
About Us

At NuHeadz Talent Management, we represent the most popular content producers. We work with influencers who create unique, original and exciting content. They entertain or educate and thereby gain a dedicated follower base.

Our task is, on the one hand, to keep in mind the interests of the content producers we represent, and on the other hand, to serve the campaigns of our advertising partners at the highest possible level.

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Since the launch of our company in 2016, we have successfully participated in hundreds of influencer campaigns. Even the world’s biggest brands have trusted us. Our countless returning partners prove that thanks to the excellent quality of the content produced by our influencers and their outstanding reach, we belong to the forefront of influencer agencies.


Influencer management

Content distribution

Press relations

Influencer campaign management

Content production

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